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6 Reasons for English Content

You’ve put time and effort into creating your content. Now you’re asking yourself if you should have your material translated?

Since English is the language of 1.5 billion people and more than 50% of all online content, the real question is, what audience are you missing by not having your content in available in English?

New York City Skyline
New York City Skyline

The success of your environmental psychology article, protein powder brand, animal rescue group, organic goat cheese farm, may depend largely on how accessible your content is.

And when it comes to online content, nothing is more accessible for an international audience than English.

Here are the top 6 reasons to have your content available in English.

1: Reach International Audiences

In the global economy, having your content in English is essential. Studies show that 72% of consumers spend the majority of their time online visiting websites in English and are more inclined to purchase products described in understandable language.

In order to capture international audiences, your content needs to be available in English.


2. English is the language of research, but precision is tough for a non-native speakers

Though English is the language of research, most of the world’s researchers speak it as a second language.

According to Nature, researchers who are not native English-speakers benefit greatly from working with a Language Consultant to communicate their work for global audiences and greatly boost their publishing prospects: “it’s worth every penny, and it’s a learning experience each time”.


3. English is the most understood language in the world

Though 400 million people speak English as their first language, more importantly, English is the most common second language, making it the most widely understood language in the world That’s a huge audience you can gain access to, just by having your content available in English!

4: Follow the data

You’d be surprised to see how many of your readers are non-native speakers of the language your content is in. Since more than 50% of all online content is in English, seize the opportunity to capture this audience you are missing out on.


5. Cost-effective benefits

Having your content available in English is one of the most cost effective ways of reaching foreign audiences. By providing your content in English, you can effectively capture new visitors to your site, build confidence with shoppers and readers, and reap a multitude of other benefits.


6: Build Trust Worldwide

Online consumers typically visit websites they deem trustworthy. When a site is in a language they don’t understand, they’re more likely not to trust it.

A site that is thoughtfully and accurately presented shows credibility that forms consumer confidence. Having your content available in an understandable language will give consumers the impression you care deeply about their experience.


Can’t I just use Google Translate?

Despite their popularity, automated translation tools often create nonsensical text that often cause confusion and alienate audiences.

The benefits of professional translation are endless. Depending on its type, having your content available in English will improve your impact, sales, message, brand, SEO rankings, etc.

The best way to get access to these advantages? Work with a Language Solutions Consultancy that will work to understand your exact target audience and develop content designed for your intended demographic.

English is the language of science, media, technology, travel, and the internet. Whether you’re a business, a researcher, of a brand, having your content available in English is a will put your ventures on the path to success.

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