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Here, B2.1 English students can find class materials, helpful resources, and Q&As for practice, reference, or missed classes


Introductions & Speed Dating

  • This year, we'll be focusing on conversation

  • Students will converse with one another and the teacher will interject sparingly

  • Discussion topics: hobbies, career


Speed Dating Continued

  • ​We continued to get to know more about one another

  • Discussion topics covered: travel, friends, family, favorite foods


​How To Be Polite During Informal Debates

  • We discussed key phrases to use when agreeing and disagreeing with someone

  • We learned the importance of apologizing when interrupting

  • We practiced our debate skills on two topics: e-reading v. books & renting v. owning our home


How To Be Polite During Informal Debates Continued

  • We practiced using key phrases to use when agreeing and disagreeing with someone

  • We practiced our debate skills on two topics: umbrellas v. rain coats & bicycles v. cars

  • Below are two articles on various rain types and the environmental impact of cars


A Pre-Halloween Candy-Filled Costume Party

  • In the spirit of celebrating Halloween early, we played a "costume" game, involving solving the mystery of who we're "dressed up as" by asking yes-or-no questions

  • Below are three articles I've written all about Halloween


No Class - Fall Break!

  • -


For the Love of A Good Story

  • Today, we focused on how to talk about  stories - stories we read, hear, and watch

  • We learned the correct words to use to talk about parts of a story, from "narrator" to "plot"

  • We discussed some of our favorite stories using detailed adjectives, such as "captivating" and "devastating"


Romance in the Modern Age

  • Today, we learned contemporary terms and expressions for talking about romance

  • We ran through dialogues between young people discussing dates, break-ups, and romance

  • We got to know our fellow classmates a bit better in small group discussions


Locational Prepositions

  • We learned which prepositions are used for which directions

  • We learned how to describe how things are situated and located in relation to their environment

  • We did a blind-draw in which we described hidden state flags to our partners, who had to draw the image as we described


Sticky Prepositions

  • Some verbs and adjectives always stick with certain prepositions

  • Using prepositions is often intuitive for native speakers, therefore the best way to learn them is by watching, reading, and listening to native speakers


​Using Bad Words for Good in English

  • Modern English frequently uses "bad" words to mean unoffensive things

  • We covered how English speakers use "bad" words to display enjoyment, confusion, excitement, frustration, disappointment, and more


Christmas Fun

  • We watched Frost the Snowman, a classic Christmas movie

  • To challenge our listening skills, we played BINGO, in which we searched for certain words

  • We learned a little about the accent from the Golden Age of Hollywood - learn more below!

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