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Here, B2.2 Summer English students can find helpful materials and resources for practice, reference, or missed classes


Introductions, Vacations, Visas, Immigration 

  • Is it hard to immigrate to Germany? Take a look at some of the visa requirements below.

  • What are your travel plans for this summer and the year ahead?

  • Where have you traveled recently?

  • What is life like in Gambia?


America’s West Coast in Pictures

  • Analyzing photos and discussing preferences of certain landscapes/vacations

  • Challenges, difficulties, and dangers of certain trip types

  • What to bring on trips to make them easier, safer, and more fun

  • Below is an article about how to hike when older


Planning Trips and Handling Changes in those Plans

  • Budgeting for trips and the costs of travel

  • Handling language and culture barriers

  • Making a plan as a group when opinions and ideas vary

  • Watch the Travel Vlog below (at 0.75x speed) to hear some English travel talk


Hamilton the Musical: Revolutionary English

  • Who was Alexander Hamilton?

  • Highly creative turns-of-phrase and wordplay used in the English lyrics of these poetic raps

  • The best way to increase your understanding: listen, read, repeat

  • You can see "Hamilton" now on "Broadway" in Hamburg!


Collins' Words of the Year - 2022

  • This week, we discussed Collis' 2022 words of the year

  • Focus on vocabulary, how words are created, how words are used

  • Try to use some of these fun new words throughout your English when you can!


Phrasal Verbs - We Can Work Them Out!

  • What is a phrasal verb? Commonly used phrases comprised of verbs + prepositions

  • There are thousands of phrasal verbs in the English language and we LOVE to use them

  • Our PowerPoint from class is downloadable below, if you want to review

  • Take a look at the article and video below to learn more

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