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Here, B2 English students can find class materials, helpful resources, and Q&As for practice, reference, or missed classes


Introductions & Assessment

  • Today, we learned that most of us are learning English for family and traveling

  • We took a quiz on our English skills, which can be found below for your practice or reference

    • ​See the questions, answers, and percentages of who got the questions correct​

  • Learn whether "I've been living" (the present perfect continuous) is correct below​


How to Talk about Nationality

  • We learned about the appropriate ways of asking people about their nationalities

  • We learned the names of countries, cities, continents, and nationalities in English

    • An interactive map in English is linked below
  • Examples of today's vocabulary and questions and a sample dialogue are linked below


The Conditional

  • We will talk about how to use and how to form the conditional

    • We will listen to examples of the conditional being used correctly and incorrectly in English

    • We'll play a game involving construction conditionals​
  • Further information is linked below


The Conditional Continued

  • We will read a story that uses the conditional

    • Discussion and worksheet​

    • Mini self-quiz

  • We will play the same game as last week involving constructing conditionals


Travel & Tourism Scenarios

  • We will learn vocabulary for visiting a new place

    • how to talk to people in formal and informal contexts

    • how to ask for directions

  • If you want to practice using direction vocabulary, you can use the map and exercises linked below


Climate Change & Environmental Science

  • We will watch 2 videos on climate change from a scientific viewpoint

    • We'll learn new vocabulary and listen to different accents​

  • We'll discuss climate change openly: results, causes, what we can do


No Class - Off for Spring Break

  • N/A


Tourism in the USA: Where to Go & What to See

  • Some of the most beautiful places and fun cities in the US

  • Discussion on personal preferences

  • Watch the third video below at 0.75x speed (not watched in class) as it is a great video on the parks


English News Media & Spotting Bias

  • We will learn what a bias is and how to spot it in English news

  • We will read to articles on the same subject and try to identify the biases in each​

  • We will analyze the home pages of two large US media companies, CNN and Fox News


Working from Home: for Better or Worse?

  • We will learn how to talk about working from home

  • We will discuss our opinions on remote work and how we see its future

  • We will read articles and present information to the class


Get Creative with It!

  • We discussed what it means to be creative, who's creative, and how to be creative

  • We each talked about our hobbies, pastimes, and ways we're creative in day-to-day life

  • We practiced our creativity through drawing exercises


Vacations & Holidays

  • We were meant to talk about vacations and holidays today

  • Instead, we discussed workers' rights in America and what holidays/vacation time Americans have

  • We also discussed the American Supreme Court (SCOTUS) and judicial system


Vacations & Holidays Cont'd

  • Today we will actually talk about vacations and holidays today

  • We'll discuss past and future vacation plans

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